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I'm still alive!

Wow folks, I am so sorry I disappeared. Between the holidays, a new job, a vacation, and then just life in general, i just was not making enough time to come and post here, I'll give a quick update on some things and try to get back in the swing of posting more regularly. Just before Christmas I found out I was getting a promotion and a raise. While that made my Christmas very merry, it did also pretty much double my workload. I have no time to sneak in writing during lunch and when I get home at night I'm too brain-dead to try. Meanwhile I still have a ton of ideas I need to get written so I need to find the time to make sure I write. My vacation was awesome and just what I needed. Unfortunately it meant I was playing catch up with the new workload. I still feel like I am catching up. There are mistakes I keep making but I also have been told I'm doing some great things so I'm somewhat relieved. I'm excited and drained by my job every day but I'm happy, so