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Writing Wednesdays: Cover Reveal - A Honeyed Light

It's the big day! Well one of many upcoming "Big Days" I hope, but this is the big day that the cover for my December novella A Honeyed Light  is released into the world!  The cover was done by Aisha Akeju , my absolute favorite cover artist, and I'm just so enamored by it!  Here's the book's blurb: Kunal, relative newcomer to the strange town of Harmony, has his hands full preparing for Diwali. That should be enough to keep anyone's mind preoccupied, but Kunal can't really ignore that he's nearly thirty, single, and still buried in the closet. Out of town at a gay club one night, he bumps into Oscar, proprietor of Harmony's only sex shop, and figures his secret is now officially out. What he doesn't expect is a slow seduction, or to have to decide what it is he really wants in life. Read on to see the finished cover as well as a little cover breakdown. 

Fridays with Freddie: Inspiration for Robert Inoue from Black Suede, Red Velvet

Hey folks, guess what? PRIVATE DICKS: PACKING HEAT is now available for purchase! You can grab it from a bunch of different places ! PRIVATE DICKS: PACKING HEAT edited by Samantha Derr Last week I talked about the inspiration for Kana, the love interest in the story. Today I'm talking about Robert Inoue as he's known to people at Black Suede. Robert's supposed to be a rich businessman who wouldn't look about of place in a fancy club that happens to have some unpleasant things going on in it. So I pictured someone who looks good in a suit, but wouldn't look out of place trafficking drugs in a night club. And I found the perfect face.