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Well how about that?

Originally posted at on  June 4th 2014 I was tinkering around a bit on my webpage here and figured out I could add a comment section to my blog! That's pretty cool! I'd be even happier if I could create an RSS feed of my blog too, but short of creating a blog on Wordpress or Blogspot and then integrating that here, I'm not sure that's possible yet. It's something I may look into. Also I have a Tumblr feed up on my page now! Just click "Tumblr Feed" on the menu navigation to see my Tumblr posts embedded right here on my website. Sweet, huh? So how you lovelies had a chance to read  Won't Back Down  yet? I've plunged into it and read other stories in it and I gotta say (my own work being part of it notwithstanding) it's a really good collection. I recommend  Experiment Number Six, A Little Magic, Chasing Coyote,  and of course my own story,  Feint of Heart.  You may not like them as much as I did, but they were the