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Writing Wednesdays: Favorite Books for Writers

Hi everyone! My post's up a bit later than usual today as I had some appointments and wasn't able to make the post until now. Today I want to talk about favorite books, but not favorite books to read, I mean favorite books as tools for writing. There is one clear winner out of all of the writing resources I've read over the years, and it's Rachel Aaron's 2K to 10K . So why do I love it so much?

Fridays with Freddie: Why I Write What I Write

Hey everyone! Back with another Fridays with Freddie post, up a little later than usual today. Today I'm talking about why I write what I write. First of all, it would probably help to make sure you know what I write before I start going on about why. I write diverse LGBT/queer romance often with fantasy, urban fantasy or paranormal overtones. Sometimes the romance takes a bit of a backseat to the overall plot, but it will always be there and it will always be queer and/or diverse.  Obviously I'm still growing my platform, so there isn't a lot already published that I can point to as examples of what I write, but that doesn't mean I can't talk about it. So let's talk about why I write it. I am a queer, plus-size, cisgender woman of color who rarely - if ever - has seen myself in the books that I read. I tend to read the same genres I write, and the reason is in the sentence right before this one. There are only a few liberties taken here; this is

Fridays with Freddie: Let's Talk Setting!

Today I'm going to talk a little about settings. I'm going to feature the setting in my story Feint of Heart in Won't Back Down, a kingdom called Trysien. You don't get to learn too much about Trysien's history in Feint of Heart, but I'm planning to revisit the world and expand on it some. Here's what we do know:

Writing Wednesdays: Music Masterpost!

Hey everyone! I'm back again with a new Writing Wednesday post. I was scrolling through my resources tag on Tumblr and found this awesome post . I don't know about you folks, but I often like music in the background when I write, but I can't really listen to something with words or I find myself singing along and getting distracted. I have some instrumental playlists I use for this purpose, but I need more variety. This post is perfect. I have some favorites among the various genres, but what I listen to depends on what I'm writing, but Classical-type music usually does the trick. Some of my favorites:  Baroque Bach Handel Vivaldi Classical Beethoven Mozart Romantic Brahms Chopin Liszt  Rachmaninov  Rimsky-Korsakov Schubert  Tchaikovsky But these are nothing new to me. What was great was the modern stuff separated by the feel of the song. That's what I need. If I'm writing a fantasy sword fight, I want epic music that su