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Now available for pre-order!

Originally posted at on April 30th 2014 Hey guys guess what? WON'T BACK DOWN is now available for pre-order! So if you're so inclined, head on over to Less Than Three's site and  pre-order now ! SOOOOOOOON! I cannot wait to have a copy in my own hands. If you guys are even half as excited about this as I am, then damn, that's pretty excited! :)

More edits and other projects.

Originally posted at on April 11th 2014 I'm playing the teeniest bit of at-work hooky today. My boss is out and I took my usual morning prep time to finish up some edits. But now I'm in the mood to write so I'm sorely tempted to poke my head into the project I put on hold to finish the story for  Won't Back Down . I will do my best to peek into that at some point today. I know better than to completely ignore the desire to write and I'm dying to get back to this before I have to put it aside for the next anthology. Oh and did I mention that  Won't Back Down  is listed up on  Less Than Three's site  now? I didn't? Shame on me! Well, it is and you should keep and eye on it and grab it the second it's available. If you  add it to your shelves , Goodreads will be kind enough to email you when it's on-sale! More to come, people! :)