More edits and other projects.

Originally posted at on April 11th 2014

I'm playing the teeniest bit of at-work hooky today. My boss is out and I took my usual morning prep time to finish up some edits. But now I'm in the mood to write so I'm sorely tempted to poke my head into the project I put on hold to finish the story for Won't Back Down. I will do my best to peek into that at some point today. I know better than to completely ignore the desire to write and I'm dying to get back to this before I have to put it aside for the next anthology.

Oh and did I mention that Won't Back Down is listed up on Less Than Three's site now? I didn't? Shame on me! Well, it is and you should keep and eye on it and grab it the second it's available. If you add it to your shelves, Goodreads will be kind enough to email you when it's on-sale!

More to come, people! :)


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