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Fridays with Freddie: Updates and News!

Hi everyone! I wanted to post a bit more than this but I've been sick (on my vacation no less!) and playing a lot of catch up. But I had to post today because I just handed back in my copy edits for A Honeyed Light which is officially only two months from release! Breathe, Freddie, breathe. (That would be easier to do if I wasn't super congested still) I also buckled down and worked out my budget for the book, including business cards, advertising - both web and social - and everything else. It's a pretty decent budget, and I may be able to add more to it when I get my Christmas bonus, but for a first round, this is not bad. My copy editor seemed pretty excited about this book - they asked if there would be a sequel/if it was a series and yes, it is! So I hope you fall in love with the creepy little town of Harmony, because there's more where this came from. I just need to buckle down and write the next one.  In the meantime you can preorder A Hone