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April has been very productive.

The last almost two weeks have been intense where my writing is concerned. I think I churned out about 28,000 words in that time, which is a ton for me, considering I work full time and sometimes struggle to squeak out 400 words a day. So I decided to make my goal 440 words per day. Then I noticed I was consistently putting out 1,000 words, so I decided to up the goal to 1,000 to meet what I was already producing. As soon as I did that, I started putting out between 1,500 and 2,000. This past Friday I wrote 6,000 words. I haven't had this kind of productivity since I did NaNoWriMo six years ago and churned out 7,000 words on day one. And that was because I wasn't working at that time. So I'm really proud of the success I've had with this novella. And even better, I finished it today. I need to reread and edit like crazy, as well as give it to a couple other people to read, but I finished it exactly when I wanted to. Not only that, but I already have a ton of

Spring hasn't quite yet sprung

If I'd written this post last week I'd have been excited about the warm weather, digging out my spring dresses, and the prospect of going out to write in coffee shops or accessing my own wifi from my yard. Instead, here I am, in a sweater, having come inside and doffed my winter coat and scarf. My hair is sad I chose this week to let it breathe after a month of a protective style, and I'm generally grumpy that mother nature has decided to play a late April Fool's joke on us by dipping to below freezing temperatures. That aside though, I've been writing during my breaks at work (got over 1,000 words on Monday!) and fully outlined my next novella this past Sunday, so I'm hoping I can finish it in time for my deadline. I struggled with a title and was actually considering submitting it without one and working with editors to select one, when I pulled a phrase from an important poem that comes up and found that it worked perfectly. I dislike writing without