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Shaking things up!

So things are going to be a little different around here. I got a new blog, courtesy of Blogger. I'll be doing all my updates from here from now on. But what about my old blog, you ask? Well I will be clearing out the entries there and using that space for writing samples for you! So why do it this way? Well, the native blog that comes with the service that I use to publish my page, which is what I had been using, doesn't allow for RSS feeds to be made of it. This makes it nearly impossible to embed my blog elsewhere or have people be able to follow it easily. As I was realizing this, I was also trying to figure out how to add a 'second blog' to the site in order to post up some writing samples. I liked the way the native blog looked and wanted the sample to look that way, but it's not possible to add a second native blog. Solution! Get a separate blog that allows for RSS feeds, and use the native one for samples! Ta-dah! I also have more news: as menti

Sorry for disappearing!

Originally posted at on  July 22nd 2014 My laptop had a hard drive malfunction last month and I finally got it fixed. I had to have it replaced. Luckily I didn't lose much - everything on the drive was backed up elsewhere, so it was just a matter of getting everything set up again to my preferences. Which I haven't  quite  done yet so bear with me a bit longer. In the meantime, go read  Won't Back Down  and tell me what you think. Better yet, leave a review on  Amazon  or  Goodreads ! Lastly, I'll have so more news coming soon - a short story of mine is up for discussion on Goodreads soon. I'm trying to make sure it's posted under this name and not the old pseudonym it was written under, so I can claim it and join in the discussion. I was also hoping to post it here as a sample of my writing. We'll see! When I know more, I'll update. Leave me some love in the comments or ask me some questions over at  Goodreads !