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*dusting off*

Well hey everyone. It's been a while. I missed all of October and September without posting and I apologize. I got very busy and then just fell out of the habit of posting. No more excuses! I'm here now. Good news: I got a promotion at work! It comes with a pay raise and an office. My duties start after the holidays and it's a big shift from what I'm doing now, but working the the same people, so I'm looking forward to it. The down side is I have no idea how much time I'm going to have to write. On the plus side, I can close my door and bang out a hour's work of writing at lunch, but I have no idea if I'll have the brain power at that time. We'll just have to see. Speaking of writing, I'm currently writing for the Villians Inc anthology call at Les Than Three. I wante dto finish in November so that I could spend December and January writing for the Intertwined call, which I want to be considerably longer since it's a collec

Cover contests and other things!

Hey everyone! It's been a little while. Work's been busy and stressful, and I've been running around like crazy the last few weeks. I wanted to poke my head in and talk about the 2014 Rainbow Awards Cover contest going on right here . You have until October 4th to vote. Nothing I've written is up there but the artist who did the cover for Won't Back Down  as well as the illustrations for After I Win  has a number of covers in the poll. So please go out and support Aisha Akeju's amazing art! Her covers are listed below. You can obviously feel free to vote for whatever you like(make sure you vote at least three or your vote is void) but if you love her covers as much as I do, I'd appreciate you picking hers as well. Thanks everyone, and please feel free to spread this contest around! 61 - Of Last Resort (Aisha Akeju) 64 - Alpha Trine (Aisha Akeju) 84 - Second Star to the Right (Aisha Akeju) 176 - Falling for Forever (Aisha Akeju) 177 - Camellia (Aish

I did a thing!

There are now samples of my writing up on my website! Okay only three, but there are more to come. Also, I figured out a new (hopefully better?) commenting system on my website as well, so if you want to comment on said samples, you may. I am a little more than a week away from the Lovely, Dark, and Deep deadline and while I think I can finish by the 31st, I'm worried I may not be able to get someone who has time to give it a once-over with notes for correction before then. I asked for an extension on my last submission so I don't want to do it again, but at the same time... Well, let's worry about that if I don't finish by tomorrow... Tootles!

On web-tinkering and writing!

I feel like I accomplished a lot today. Not only did I get the story I'm hoping to submit to Less Than Three's Lovely, Dark, and Deep  anthology completely outlined, I have about 2,000 words written. I need to make sure to write each weekend at minimum and I'll have it done by the deadline. Hopefully I can get a little written every day now it's outlined. I'm pretty excited about this and the following anthology too. In fact, I have plans for  Lovely, Dark, and Deep , Villains, Inc ., and Intertwined ! After I got my writing done for the day, I tinkered around on my website. Not only did I manage to get my Blogger feed integrated onto my site, I also found a way to connect my blog to Tumblr! So now I don't have to post after the fact and link back to the blog - it does it automagically. Yessss. Unfortunately, now it's getting late and I have to start winding down for bed so I can go to work in the morning. Ugh. Mornings. Monday mornings. I lo

Discussion Time!

Remember how I mentioned that one of my stories was going to be up for discussion on   Goodreads ? Well, that's happening now! So if you want to read/discuss one of older my short stories, here's what to do. Hit up Goodreads, and join the   Shousetsu Bang*Bang   group (must be 18+). Then join the ongoing discussion   here . The discussion links to the story too, which is around 7,000 words, so it's a very quick read. The story is called After I Win, is very much not safe for work, and features a m/m pairing, a college setting, some football, and some explicit content. If you read it, please give it a rating on Goodreads, and feel free to ask me questions about it. I'll be here all week!   Art by Aisha Akeju

Shaking things up!

So things are going to be a little different around here. I got a new blog, courtesy of Blogger. I'll be doing all my updates from here from now on. But what about my old blog, you ask? Well I will be clearing out the entries there and using that space for writing samples for you! So why do it this way? Well, the native blog that comes with the service that I use to publish my page, which is what I had been using, doesn't allow for RSS feeds to be made of it. This makes it nearly impossible to embed my blog elsewhere or have people be able to follow it easily. As I was realizing this, I was also trying to figure out how to add a 'second blog' to the site in order to post up some writing samples. I liked the way the native blog looked and wanted the sample to look that way, but it's not possible to add a second native blog. Solution! Get a separate blog that allows for RSS feeds, and use the native one for samples! Ta-dah! I also have more news: as menti

Sorry for disappearing!

Originally posted at on  July 22nd 2014 My laptop had a hard drive malfunction last month and I finally got it fixed. I had to have it replaced. Luckily I didn't lose much - everything on the drive was backed up elsewhere, so it was just a matter of getting everything set up again to my preferences. Which I haven't  quite  done yet so bear with me a bit longer. In the meantime, go read  Won't Back Down  and tell me what you think. Better yet, leave a review on  Amazon  or  Goodreads ! Lastly, I'll have so more news coming soon - a short story of mine is up for discussion on Goodreads soon. I'm trying to make sure it's posted under this name and not the old pseudonym it was written under, so I can claim it and join in the discussion. I was also hoping to post it here as a sample of my writing. We'll see! When I know more, I'll update. Leave me some love in the comments or ask me some questions over at  Goodreads !

Well how about that?

Originally posted at on  June 4th 2014 I was tinkering around a bit on my webpage here and figured out I could add a comment section to my blog! That's pretty cool! I'd be even happier if I could create an RSS feed of my blog too, but short of creating a blog on Wordpress or Blogspot and then integrating that here, I'm not sure that's possible yet. It's something I may look into. Also I have a Tumblr feed up on my page now! Just click "Tumblr Feed" on the menu navigation to see my Tumblr posts embedded right here on my website. Sweet, huh? So how you lovelies had a chance to read  Won't Back Down  yet? I've plunged into it and read other stories in it and I gotta say (my own work being part of it notwithstanding) it's a really good collection. I recommend  Experiment Number Six, A Little Magic, Chasing Coyote,  and of course my own story,  Feint of Heart.  You may not like them as much as I did, but they were the

This morning I woke up a published author...

Originally posted at on  May 14th 2014 I don't feel any different today and yet I really really do. This morning I woke up a published author. That's right,  Won't Back Down  is finally available for purchase, so if you haven't already pre-ordered it, you can go  buy it now! Yesterday I got sent the eBook files and I loaded them onto my Kindle and phone immediately.  I still have to read the other stories in the collection, though I've already read and  loved  August Aimes' story. So please, get the book, read everyone's stories, and talk about it - tell your friends and followers, anyone who you think would appreciate this wonderful collection. It's a great way to read new stories by some favorite authors as well as get introduced to brand new ones, like myself. I hope you all enjoy.

Now available for pre-order!

Originally posted at on April 30th 2014 Hey guys guess what? WON'T BACK DOWN is now available for pre-order! So if you're so inclined, head on over to Less Than Three's site and  pre-order now ! SOOOOOOOON! I cannot wait to have a copy in my own hands. If you guys are even half as excited about this as I am, then damn, that's pretty excited! :)

More edits and other projects.

Originally posted at on April 11th 2014 I'm playing the teeniest bit of at-work hooky today. My boss is out and I took my usual morning prep time to finish up some edits. But now I'm in the mood to write so I'm sorely tempted to poke my head into the project I put on hold to finish the story for  Won't Back Down . I will do my best to peek into that at some point today. I know better than to completely ignore the desire to write and I'm dying to get back to this before I have to put it aside for the next anthology. Oh and did I mention that  Won't Back Down  is listed up on  Less Than Three's site  now? I didn't? Shame on me! Well, it is and you should keep and eye on it and grab it the second it's available. If you  add it to your shelves , Goodreads will be kind enough to email you when it's on-sale! More to come, people! :)

Won't Back Down!

Originally posted at on March 7th 2014 It's really real, everyone! And by that I mean the anthology I'm being published in by  Less Than Three  is on  Goodreads  right  here ! I even have my author page set up and everything. So go forth! Add me places, and please feel free to send me comments, emails, tweets, and more. I love to talk! This here is the stunning and I mean  stunning  cover of the anthology done by the super talented  Aisha Akeju . Unf. I seriously want her to do every one of my covers forever and always. And yes, my pretties, there will be more to read coming from me! Stay tuned! :D