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Fridays with Freddie: Inspiration for Kana from Black Suede, Red Velvet

Hey everyone! If you didn't know, there's an awesome anthology hitting Less than Three's shelves on Wednesday 8/31 and yours truly has a short story in it. I may have mentioned this once or twice before... ;) PRIVATE DICKS: PACKING HEAT edited by Samantha Derr The life of a private investigator is never easy. Most often tedious, the job requires patience, diligence, and a touch of creativity. But some jobs come with a little danger, and some come with a lot, and the only way to safety is to fight as hard as the enemy. Private Dicks: Packing Heat is a collection of stories about private investigators not afraid to fight their way out when the heat is on. From Black Suede, Red Velvet by Freddie Milano: Black Suede is one of the most exclusive clubs in town, and one with a lot of secrets. The owner, Fujimoto, is suspected of drug trafficking, and James Tachibana goes undercover to get enough evidence to bring in the kingpin—and starts to get too close to Kana, Fuj

Writing Wednesdays: Why I Write HEAs

July was hard, folks. I don't mean that in any euphemistic ways. It was busy as hell at work. Day Job is crazy in the summer because everyone's on vacation, half the office is not around, it's high convention season, and the workload seems never ending. Still I should have been making time to blog. But I'm getting back on track now with this new Writing Wednesday post: Why I Write HEAs.