Writing Wednesdays: Preptober Continues!

I haven't actively been doing too much for Preptober, but that's because I lucked out in that most of the prep work has already been done. I did however take some time to create an awesome tracker in my writing bullet journal, and am putting myself out there that yes, I am doing this. Hold me accountable!

A huge lifesaver for all my prep work has been the site Boho Berry. I use that site for non-writing related bujo stuff as well, and when I saw Kara had nano resources, I was super excited. I downloaded her tracker for this year's nano and stuck it in my bujo, then made it all pretty.

 I drew that lil typewriter by hand!

While I was there I figured I'd poke around for other resources and found some handwriting practice guides. I used to be pretty decent at calligraphy, and people keep telling me I have nice handwriting(I guess?) so I figured why not brush up? (See what I did there? I apologize)

So anyway thanks to Boho Berry, I also have a cool practice routine going!

The darker row underneath each is my writing. the top row is the guide.

So that's what I've been up to lately. Who out there is taking part in NaNoWriMo? What are you doing to prepare?


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