Fridays with Freddie: Housekeeping and some updates!

Well time just keeps on slipping away, doesn't it? At least I haven't been idle. Here comes this [long overdue] Friday with Freddie!

Well if you somehow haven't noticed, I overhauled my blog! But that's not all. I also redid my website and now everything is organized and coordinated across my platforms. Hell, I even got SSL turned on on my website so it's all nice and secure now. Dig that https!

Because #branding (yes I do actually keep facetiously saying "hashtag branding" out loud) is a thing, I'm also redoing my business cards to mimic the look of my site as well. The design is complete but for some potential tweaking. I just need to actually order them. Like I said, I've been productive.

I've also been writing but I'm a bit behind on my schedule. I paused Harmony #2 to write a short that's technically Harmony #1.5, but hopefully I can get myself back on track and get Harmony #2 done by the end of May.

More news: I have a blog tour starting on April 27th for A Honeyed Light! More news to come, including links and such once I have them.

Sometimes it still feels a little surreal that I've published a book and people are excited about it. Hope that wonderful feeling never goes away!

Talk to me: what have you all been up to? What'd I miss?


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