Fridays with Freddie: Inspiration for Robert Inoue from Black Suede, Red Velvet

Hey folks, guess what? PRIVATE DICKS: PACKING HEAT is now available for purchase! You can grab it from a bunch of different places!

Last week I talked about the inspiration for Kana, the love interest in the story. Today I'm talking about Robert Inoue as he's known to people at Black Suede. Robert's supposed to be a rich businessman who wouldn't look about of place in a fancy club that happens to have some unpleasant things going on in it. So I pictured someone who looks good in a suit, but wouldn't look out of place trafficking drugs in a night club. And I found the perfect face.

This is Ian Anthony Dale, whom you may have seen in a number of different shows. He had exactly the qualities I envisioned for Robert - the ability to look kind of calculating, like he could fit into a seedy sort of place, without actually looking like a terrible person.

An of course, while that face was perfect, I couldn't have a commissioned piece for Kana but not Robert! So here's the gorgeous art that Aisha Akeju created:

It's PERFECT, I actually screamed in my email back to her. You know that capslock life. And in case you missed last week's post with Kana, here it is again! See how they mirror each other? Like Robert accepted the drink Kana gave him? And like he's trying to figure Kana out? Aisha nailed exactly what I wanted for both these characters. If you have a piece in mind, you should absolutely commission her. She's amazing.

So that's all for now. if you haven't grabbed PRIVATE DICK: PACKING HEAT yet, what are you waiting for? Read it and leave some reviews on Amazon and Goodreads!


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