Two posts in one month? Madness!

Heya folks! Look: I didn't let another whole month go by before posting again! Success! 

I hit some awesome milestones already this month so I wanted to check in. First off, the story I was diving back into in my last post? Finished! Sent it to some beta readers for initial edits. I'm hoping to have it fully edited and ready for submission by year's end. Though I know acquiring editors get a lot of submissions in December due to NaNo, so maybe I'll wait until January? I'll think it over.

But rather than rest on my laurels I moved onto the next project while I wait for edits to come back. I had a lot of setbacks with this one. It started rough and dry, and I scrapped it and started again, but that was also sort of leading me in circles. Finally I sat down and rewrote my 'outline' (it's really just a massive plot dump, but it's step by step what I want to happen) and everything started falling into place. I have better motivations for the characters, more setting and history, just more general world-building, which was necessary, since this is a complicated world.

I also started using the exercises from the Two-Year Novel program I was in 5 years ago. I still have the files from the class, and I'd used them way back for the project I used for the only time I actually did do NaNo. You do one assignment a week and at the end of it, you have a fully written novel. Well I was doing them several a day, just to build the world and develop the characters. And that's what I realize I need now: character building. I need to figure out who all these characters are to themselves, to each other. I need their hopes, fears, motivations, what they would sacrifice. So today's plan is to develop at least the two MCs rather than just write. If I have time, I'll do both. Of course, this project isn't for any of the calls I discussed last post. This is something I've been working on on my own for general submission.

But yeah after this revamp, I started writing again and hit 5K on it yesterday after a 1.8K sprint. Niiice. Next thing I need to do after getting everything in order? Reread Rachel Aaron's 2K to 10K and increase my daily word count. Yes.

Anyway that's where I am right now and maybe if I stay accomplishing things, I'll check in again before December?

Aw yeah, getting shit done, feeling like a bad-ass. 


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